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Chain bucket elevators

Serie 37

Identification – KER
Typ of construction – chain


Bucket elevator is intended for vertical transport of loose powdered and granular materials with grain size range 0 - 60 mm.The humidity of powdered materials must not exceed 1% H2O. According to generally valid condition at the materials with higher water content, the suitability of bucket elevator for the transport of such material is its adhesiveness or inclination for sticking in the bucket.
The transport of sorted materials with minimum grain size 25 mm is not admissible. The granulometric range of transported material has to comply with usual granulo-metric structure of grinding or crushing equipments. The sporadic occurence of grain size up to 80 mm is admissible. The admissible temperature of transported material depends on the used transport chain. At the standard type, the temperature range is from -10 ° Celsia up to +150 ° Celsia. By using of a special chain it is possible to transport warm materials up to 250°C. The correct operation of bucket elevator is conditioned by the continuous feeding of transported material. The material must not be fed under the pressure..


Type range of chain bucket elevators contains 8 basic sizes - single and double shaft - derived from bucket width < 220 up to 800 mm >, in the whole range of bucket shapes, driving drum rotation speed and corresponding capacity. Transport height can be chosen between 5 – 40 m.
The elevators are delivered completely equipped, with drive, rotation indicator holder and incl. connecting material. After technical – commercial consulting it is possible to order some modifications or a special type of construction.


The chain-type bucket elevator pertains to the series of so called high-speed bucket elevators, where the material is poured out over the outside bucket edge.The whole bucket elevator is designed as unit-built machine. This system enables to ensure the arbitrary transport height in the range from 5 up to 40 m.
The self-supporting shaft is composed of partial shaft casings. Further component of shaft is presented by the shaft part with assembly openings serving for assembly of transport belt (for its joint) and for the mounting of buckets. The lower shaft part is presented by the tensioning station. In this station there is installed the tensioning return drum seated in the antifriction bearings; these bearings are mounted in the special guide ensuring the vertical move of tensioning drum about 300 – 400 mm and ensures sealing of the station. The tensioning is ensured by means of rods and springs.
The upper shaft part is presented by the driving station composed of driving drum with sprocket, bearings and drive. The drive of elevator consists of slip-on gear box, motor and brake serving for prevention against the return move of belt with buckets at the stopping of elevator. The drives with input over 22 kW are equipped with a booster drive, too.

Construction – bucket elevator is made from a normal steel (class 11 acc. CZ-Standard ČSN) as a welded construction. The special modification is carried out on the buckets, which protects by the overlay of hard metal on the places of maximum wear against abrasion. Inlet and outlet chutes can be made – if it is necessary – from
material HARDOX. Transporting chain is from abroad (PEWAG, RUD).

A special type of construction and special requirements must be consulted with supplier !!!



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